Lecture room 3

Seminar of the IFK & IFTO institutes

Fridays, 2:15 p.m. till 3:15 p.m., building 3 - lecture room 3 (Helmholtzweg 3)
Lecture room 3
Image: Carsten Ronning

We invite every semester high-ranked scientists to our institute seminar, where they report on their research in solid state physics or materials science. The talks are typically 45 minutes long followed by a 15 minutes discussion. Note: dates and titles are sometimes announced on short notice (tba = to be announced).

Summer semester 2022/2023

the institute seminar will be hosted together with the Institute of Solid State Theory and Optics (IFTO). Therefore, we will start at 14:15 Uhr!

Date Speaker Title Host
28. April 2023

Prof. Ulrich Höfer 
(Universität Marburg)

Time-resolved photoemission: From bandstructure to orbital moviespdf, 119 kb · de Fritz
12. Mai 2023 Dr. Domenico De Fazio
(University of Ca'Foscari, Venice, Italy)
Graphene, layered materials and hybrids for optoelectronics Soavi
26. Mai 2023 Prof. Oliver Monti 
(UofA, Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Controlling Spin without Magnetic Fields Fritz
9. Juni 2023 Prof. Habib Rostami
(University of Bath, UK)
Straintronics and Phononics in 2D Quantum Materials Soavi
23. Juni 2023 Prof. Tobias Korn
(U Rostock)
tba Soavi
30. Juni 2023 Dr. Pavel Márton
(Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Parque)
Zigzag domain walls in ferroelectrics Körbel

The schedules of the past semesters are avilable below.

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