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Curriculum SSP (MSc.)

Here you find the optimized MSc. curriculum for the specilization into solid state physics
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Image: Jan-Peter Kasper


A BSc.-degree with a lecture on fundamentals of solid state physics. Typical content is:

  • Structure
  • Dynamics of lattices
  • Electrons in Solids

Adviced Curriculum:

Semester Mandatory Elective
1. Winter semester
(1. or 2. Semester MSc)

Advanced quantum theory (8 CP)​
Project lab course (4 CP)

Advanced solid state theory (8 CP, Rauch)​
Advanced solid state courses (see below)

1. Summer semester
(2. or 1. Semester MSc)
Project lab course (4 CP)​
Seminar Solid State Physics (4 CP)
Advanced solid state courses (see below)
3. Semester Introduction to scientific work (15 CP)
Project planing (15 CP)
4. Semester Master thesis (30 CP)  

Typical courses on advanced solid state physics, in total 12 credit points (CP) are necessary:

  • Organic and inorganic semiconductors (4 CP, Fritz)
  • Surface science (4 CP, Forker)
  • Nuclear solid state physics (4 CP, Ronning)
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnology (4 CP, Ronning)
  • Nonlinear optical properties of 2D materials (4 CP, Soavi)
  • Graphene: electronic and optical properties (4 CP, Soavi)
  • Optical properties of solids in strong fields (4 CP, Schmidt)
  • Optoelectronics (4 CP, Schmidl / Soavi)
  • Supraleitende Materialien (4 CP, Schmidl / Tympel)
  • Thin films / vacuum (4 CP, Schmidl / Szeghalmi)
  • Introduction to electronics (4 CP, Forker)
  • ...
  • ... as well as all advanced courses offered by the OSIM.